Pemberton Engineering Inc. was established in 2003 by Mark Pemberton in Davis California to better utilize his skills in both commercial and residential structural design. Mark’s desire to use his strength in math, science and art to create safe buildings, capable of standing the test of time, led him into structural engineering. That passion is the driving force behind Pemberton Engineering today.

The firm was founded to collaborate with architects, owners, and contractors to create quality structural systems that deliver the architectural vision, meet the budgetary constraints, and improve public safety. With that in mind, Pemberton Engineering is a small firm by design, offering the services of one of the most highly skilled, extraordinarily qualified structural engineers in the area. Mark has over 27 years of structural engineering experience and every project that the firm undertakes receives his hands-on experience with the assistance and input of a knowledgeable staff. The employees at Pemberton Engineering all have a passion for math, science, and architecture. They keep well versed in the current building codes and stay abreast of the latest changes in the industry; honing their skills to better fulfill their commitment to create lasting structures as part of a design team.

The benefits of the small firm approach are twofold:
1. Minimal overhead costs of a small firm afford the clients better and more competitive rates.
2. Every client’s project receives uniquely personalized attention, time, and care from a licensed structural engineer.

Close interaction and communication with the client allow the engineer to develop a design that fulfills the client’s vision for the project while providing the most cost-effective and buildable approach to construction.

These benefits have been well realized over the last two decades by clients who can attest to the value that Pemberton Engineering provides. Today, we have become the go-to firm for most of the architects in the Davis area. We specialize in various types of construction including custom homes, residential additions and remodels, commercial buildings, seismic retrofits of historic buildings, and much more.

We have developed an innovative approach to construction documents; providing a clear overall understanding of the structural layout and magnifying the critical connection details. We pride ourselves on the quality, clarity, and constructability of our structural drawings which eliminates most construction issues and is a major factor in our customer satisfaction.

Mark Pemberton, S.E.

Principal Engineer, Owner, and CEO

Mark graduated from California State University, Chico in 1994 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He went on to get his Professional Engineer (P.E.) license in 1998 and further went on to pursue and receive his Structural Engineer (S.E.) license in 2003. Mark is driven to apply his math skills to create long lasting structures that provide for the public safety. This passion has motivated Mark for over 27 years of structural design and evaluation. His positive attitude, dedication to client service, and vast knowledge and understanding of engineering principals and construction techniques make him an invaluable asset to the design team.

Andrew Conselman,

Structural Designer

Andrew graduated in 2017 from Washington State University in Pullman, Washington where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. After receiving his Engineer in Training certification, he began working at Pemberton Engineering Inc. in 2018 where he has since become an important part of our team here. Currently, Andrew is working towards his Professional Engineer license.

Basil Pemberton,

Structural Designer

Basil graduated from California State University, Chico in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. While in school he received his Engineer in Training certification and is currently working on his Professional Engineer license. Basil strives to strengthen his understanding of structural engineering on a deep level so that he may one day become a licensed Structural Engineer.

Maddie Jewett

Office Manager and Project Coordinator

Maddie has been dedicated to Pemberton Engineering Inc. for 8 years and has been learning directly from Mark Pemberton the whole time. She has a unique understanding of the engineering and construction process that makes her the perfect fit to manage the firm. Maddie manages every project that comes through our doors and works closely with each homeowner, architect, and contractor to make sure their project gets done in a timely manner while ensuring that our teams standards are always at the highest level.

Darrel Pemberton

Structural Drafter

Darrel graduated early from high school in 2015 and got right into the work force. He has always had a love for drawing and architecture and his work here perfectly brings the two together. Along with his ability to quickly and accurately draft plans, Darrel has a great understanding of the structural inner workings of a wide range of structures.

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